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Maybe you have an idea for the perfect Software-as-a-Service product. Or maybe you're hip-deep in a complex software development project and could use a hand. No matter where you are in the process, our expert team of consultants is just a phone call away.

Our advisory panel of recognized experts leads the industry in business-driven application development. Call us—and you'll get the same consulting expertise we deliver to global IT firms and Fortune 100 companies.

No matter where you are in the development process, the Dennix Advisory provides strategic consulting and guidance to help your project succeed.

We Provide Guidance In

  • Product Design

    Have a brilliant idea? We'll help you refine it into a highly profitable and effective product.

  • Development Assistance

    If your development team is working on a complex project, call us—and we'll help you find a solution.

  • E-Commerce Strategy

    If your website isn't turning a profit, we'll find out why. We'll analyze your site's performance and help you improve your optimization and conversion.

  • Professional Mentoring

    Want to bring Interface-Driven Architecture to your development firm? We'll help you integrate our methodology—and consult on individual projects with your clients.

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“Dennix analyzed all the moving parts of our organization—and gave us software that could manage everything we do. Now we can easily track results and manage operations and programs in dozens of countries.”Jim Vertes, Verta Global

“Dennix brought a big picture perspective, with an understanding of our needs and an eye toward what our clients would value. It was more than just developing software. It was a business collaboration.”Doug Slayton, Slayton Ventures

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